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5 Reasons People Work With Spiritual Guides

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The number of people searching the term ‘spiritual guides’ on Google has increased by 50% in the past five years. While this increased interest in getting readings and consultations from astrologers, shamans and energy healers might seem like a new phenomenon, individuals with these gifts have been central to communities around the world for centuries. There are many reasons they play such an important role in our lives but you may be wondering: why do people work with spiritual guides? Here I want to explore the 5 main reasons I’ve seen people seek help from myself and other healers.

What even is a spiritual guide?

Not to be confused with the metaphysical concept of a ‘spirit guide’, spiritual guides are those who offer guidance, counselling, support and healing through a spiritual lens and/or through employing spiritual gifts. This catch-all term includes yogis, psychics, traditional healers, and even religious leaders. Understanding the interplay of the physical and the spiritual, they are able to provide a holistic view on the challenges and queries of those who seek them out. This is in contrast to, say, medical doctors, therapists and nutritionists, who usually focus only on the physical. It is this holistic nature that makes spiritual guides an excellent source of knowledge and support, often in conjunction with other healers more focused on the physical. So, now we know who a spiritual guide is…but why would anyone invest time and money in seeing one?

5 reasons people work with spiritual guides

  1. For holistic support with specific challenges. This could be anything from relationship woes to health concerns.
  2. For inspiration and direction in terms of life path and purpose. We can help you see the bigger picture.
  3. For spiritual growth and a deeper connection to yourself / your Divinity. We have mentors for work, so why not for spirit?
  4. To help deal with grief and loss. This includes the loss of relationships, habits and past versions of ourselves.
  5. For community and belonging. Your immediate community might not understand your spiritual beliefs, so working with a guide can help validate them, and connect you to others on the same page.

Of course, there can be many more reasons, but most of the time they fall under these broad headings. Do any of these resonate with you? What has led you to work with spiritual guides in the past? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! And if you’re ready to work with me, you can see my current offering here.

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