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Girl…go back to sleep

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On the first Monday of 2023, I woke up around 6:30am as usual. I looked at the time, then went back to sleep. At around 8am, I woke up again, checked the time, and thought to myself ‘It’s the first Monday of the year, I should really get up now. There’s so much to do!’ Then, thankfully, my kinder self piped up and was like ‘Girl…go back to sleep’.

How has 2023 been for you so far? Do you find yourself under the same pressure of kicking off the new year with a bang? If so, I understand. But girl…go back to sleep.

In my latest article for Puttylike, I discuss why January can and should be a time for rest and reflection instead of trying to supercharge our lives. Be sure to leave your take on it in the comments!

Anyway, this was just a super quick post to remind you that the new year doesn’t require a new you, and that it’s okay if your 2023 hasn’t gotten off to a super productive start. Maybe a slow start is just what you need to make this year the year of your dreams, since dreams only come to us through rest anyway ✨✨

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