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3 Types of Solitutde

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How has 2022 been for you so far?

I hope it’s been slow, rejuvenating & placed you in a good headspace for the year ahead ✨ As you may know, my word of the year is ELEVATE & during my Elevation Challenge & Elevation Workshop, I encouraged you to think about what one thing will help you to elevate your life in 2022. Reflecting on this myself, the answer I came up with was solitude.

But what does solitude actually mean? You might have visions of me trekking into the mountains with only a compass & a swiss army knife for company πŸ˜… while that would definitely do the job, the kind of solitude I’m referring to is the type that you can cultivate without totally abandoning your current reality. What I’m aiming to create is:
– Social solitude – spending more time alone, yes, but also narrowing the groups of people I exchange energy with & prioritising my most nourishing connections.
– Digital solitude – reducing my time on digital devices & digital interactions. I’m also working towards a break from Instagram (which can be scary for a business owner!).
– Mental solitude – consuming less content & fewer conversations to allow space for more internal connection & external creation.

As you read this list, do you feel that any of these types of solitude could help you too?

Achieving what I’ve described above means I am also adjusting the way I work for this period. If my work has impacted you so far & you’re keen to continue connecting with my content or would like to work more closely with me, here are the options:
– FREE content – I already mentioned taking a break from Instagram but there is a TON of free, valuable content on my page already that you can revisit.
– FREE meditation – you can meditate with me for free on Insight Timer. Simply download the app, search my name & click ‘Follow’. There are hundreds of other incredible teachers on there too.
– Soul-Centred Living Masterclass – a self-study masterclass with 60 minutes of coaching across 3 modules. By the end of the course, you’ll have identified how you can live more in alignment & learned my tips for making your sacred rituals stick – all for only $36 🀩
– Private Coaching – I have 1 space available for one-to-one coaching. I’ve supported clients in recognising & activating their power to help them build confidence, become more focused, find balance, deepen their spiritual practice & build their businesses.
– Products – my Adinkra Oracle Deck & Adinkra Daily Planner are designed to guide you in your journey of healing & growth.

As I embark on this journey of practical solitude as I like to call it, you will see less of me but I want you to know that I am hugely grateful for each & every one of you & I continue to wish for your healing, growth & elevation πŸ™πŸΎπŸ₯°

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