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Are you doing too much?

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This Saturday is a New Moon in Virgo. Virgos are known for being perfectionists with big dreams and I should know – I’m a Virgo Rising ♍️

This moon, I’ve been thinking about something one of my mentors taught me that has been a true game changer. She said it’s okay to have lots of ideas, and to want to do them all, and to get deep into the planning and goal setting. But when you set these goals, allow yourself to have a ‘Not Right Now’ list. This way you’re recognising all the wonderful things you want to achieve…but you’re also recognising that you do not have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyoncé.

This might seem like a pretty obvious tip but, for an Aries sun who lacks patience but has no shortage of ideas, this was a game changer. It allowed me to get excited about new projects without the guilt of not starting them right now!

And the reason I’ve been thinking about this is that the time has finally come to pick up something that was on my ‘Not Right Now’ list. About a year ago, I was ready to start a podcast. Except, I absolutely wasn’t. I already had a packed schedule and a whole book to write 🥴

Fast forward 10 months and, because I put the podcast on the ‘Not Right Now’ list, I haven’t felt the usual guilt or feelings of failure that would accompany an uncompleted project waiting (not so) quietly in the wings for me to restart it. Instead, I have a renewed excitement about the project and a new perspective on how I want it to manifest. It is firmly on the ‘Right Now’ list, so watch this space 🤩

Is there any project that YOU need to put on the ‘Not Right Now’ list?

Whether it’s a personal project or a work project, it might need to transition to the NRN list if:
– you’re losing energy and passion for the project
– you keep running into blocks (either internal or external)
– you constantly feel guilty about how little time, energy or money you’re able to commit

Placing an item on the NRN list is a commitment to all the other things that need your focus, a commitment to your wellbeing, and a commitment to whatever the project is – you’re committing to come back to it at a time when you can give it the attention it deserves, and that’s definitely something to feel good about.

As well as planning my podcast, here are a few other things I’ve been working on:
– I finally made a TikTok!
– I was invited for an interview with Webnation Africa. We talked mental health, moving to Ghana, finding purpose, Diaspora privilege and even dating in Accra 👀
– Sharing more value on Instagram

I hope you’ve had a fiery Leo season 🦁 and this Virgo season, I send you wishes of self-compassion, balance, and a thriving ‘Not Right Now’ list.

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