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Do you feel guilty too?

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Can you believe it’s Pisces season already?

This is the last sign of the zodiac and the season of the dreamer, a time for us to rest and indulge in creative exploits before the fire of Aries season a.k.a my season bursts onto the scene.

Even before Pisces season hit, I was resting, hiding, being a hermit. I shared my plan for practical solitude with you in my last email and it’s been going pretty well – I’ve done a lot of resting and a lot of writing.

But one thing I didn’t anticipate was the guilt! In February’s Adinkra reading, the cards showed us that this month, we would need to have the courage to stand by our thoughts, feelings, plans, desires and decisions.

The cards warned that we would be tempted to go against ourselves in order to keep the peace but that we must embody that Leo energy and be slightly selfish (sorry Leos).

But the cards didn’t warn us about the guilt! In sticking to my practical solitude this year so far, I’ve experienced a lot of emotions. Overwhelm at the magnitude of the responsibility I have as the channel for this book. Gratitude at the incredible opportunity to put this work into the world. Inspiration when listening back to my interviews with some of the teachers profiled in the book.

But also, guilt…

Guilt for taking days to respond to messages.

Guilt for not checking in on loved ones as much as I’d like to.

Guilt for saying no to pretty much everyone and everything.

This month, you may have been challenged to stick to your decision on something too. Whether it’s setting new boundaries, ending a relationship, making a big call in your work, making a change to your physical environment…

Whatever it is, I wonder, do you feel guilty too?

If you do, something that is helping me is remembering my bigger purpose, my ‘why?’, the reason behind the reason. Being less available is not just helpful but essential to us – my Ancestors and I – producing the best possible version of this book. This purpose is worth a few late messages and missed dinners, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment.

So what is your why? It most likely falls under one of these categories; peace, prosperity, passion or purpose.

Figure out what it is and remind yourself often. The guilt will still be there because we’re human but it will be easier to manage and you’ll be less likely to give in to it ✨

Wishing you a magical Pisces season – don’t forget to while away the hours daydreaming and making ‘unrealistic’ plans…you never know what will manifest 🔮

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