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What’s your purpose?

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Forgive me for catching you off guard with this big question – I promise it’s for a good reason.

‘What is my purpose?’

This question can feel incredibly scary, especially if we’re nowhere near close to being able to put together a coherent answer. But it doesn’t have to be a scary question – it can instead be an empowering question if we get rid of a few misconceptions.

Myth No. 1: Your purpose has to be ‘BIG’.
The Truth: Everyone’s purpose is equally valid and important, whether it’s about making an impact on their household or the whole planet.

Myth No. 2: You have ONE purpose.
The Truth: Your purpose isn’t static and it’s not a life sentence. It’s dynamic, just like you are, so you can have a different purpose at different points in time.

Myth No. 3: You have to figure out your purpose RIGHT NOW.
The Truth: A lot of the time, we’re moving closer and closer in alignment with our purpose without even knowing what it is. The priority is wellbeing and spiritual growth, which will lead you to your purpose, rather than the other way round.

Some of this confusion comes about because we confuse ‘purpose’ with ‘destiny’. If you’re interested in the difference between the two, you’re in luck – because that’s exactly what I discuss in my first ever podcast episode!

That’s right y’all, Return to Source podcast is liiiiivvvvee! 🤩

This podcast is a space for me to interview creatives, cultural leaders and entrepreneurs about how their heritage and their spiritual beliefs influence their work. Right now, you can listen to Episode 1: The African concept of Divine Destiny (with me interviewing myself 😅) and Episode 2: Pan-Africanism, privilege and Ancestral dreaming with Asia Clarke.

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